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Payne, Virgil
Full Name: Virgil Payne
Positions: Teacher
Specialty: Science
Yearbook: "Selma and Smithfield have always had excellent teams for the simple reason the girls were given an opportunity to play. Public schools belong to the public and money spent on athletics is public money and the girls should have as much money spent on them as boys. There is an awakening in the schools on the discrimination that has existed in girls' athletics and I think girls' sports in public schools will grow. Basketball is, to me, the best school sport for the school. It is fast, action-packed, exciting, and can create school spirit. The SSS girl's basketball team of 1973-74 was a good team and in some ways one of our best. For the season they were co-champions of the conference. Speed was their best asset. I was very proud of this team and wanted everybody to see them play."